Innovations and Technology

WCC Engineers are constantly assessing and adopting or developing new technologies to provide improved value throughout the project delivery.

Geotechnical Investigations are undertaken in conjunction with Geophysics surveys to obtain extensive sub-surface information correlated with hard data for validation, while Geotechnical Landslide Hazard mapping and inspections are undertaken in conjunction with UAV captured imagery and fully rendered 3D Photogrammetry models.

Specialised Geotechnical software for field data entry and presentation, analysis and design are routinely trialled and assessed and currently comprises multiple programs from vendors:

  • Golden Software;
  • Rocscience; and
  • Deep Excavation.

Auto CAD Civil 3D is used for development of models and drawings and is fully integrated with fully rendered 3D photogrammetry models derived from UAV imagery, allowing survey of complex landforms and use in Analysis and Design, accurate Quantity Estimates and Construction Drawings.

New construction materials and methodologies are rigorously assessed and incorporated into designs to provide improved constructability, serviceability and value. While knowledge of specialised contractor capabilities, plant and methodologies are maintained.

Successful application of construction innovations providing improved Engineering value on recent projects includes:

  •  Hollow Bar Self Drilling Soil Nails – for construction efficiency improvements and stabilisation of active landslides:
  •  Tensioned High Tensile Geobrugg Tecco Mesh – for stabilisation of active landslides/rockslides allowing re-establishment of vegetation (in lieu of shotcrete);
  •  Plastic Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete (in lieu of steel fibre or mesh reinforced); and
  • UAV inspection of completed works (in lieu of abseiling).

WCC Engineers want to provide the most up to date and effective of the current proven methodologies and technologies for best value throughout all stages of your project.