Youngal Rock Cutting Stabilisation – Alpine Way NSW

The site was a 1 km long section of Alpine Way west of the village of Khancoban in the Kosciuszko National Park NSW. It comprised eight (8) individual Rock Cuttings up to ~30 m high, each with multiple Landslide Hazards assessed as ARL 1 to 4 Rating.

The landslide Hazards were generally associated with Rock Mass Structural defects requiring Rock Mechanics Analysis and Design using specialist rock mechanic methodologies and software. Generally entailing Scanline Mapping, Landslide Hazard Mapping, Kinematic analysis and other software.

Hazards included planar and wedge sliding, toppling, erosion and root jacking.

The ARL 1 to 2 hazards were reduced to ARL 3 or better using Engineered stabilisation measures such as; Tensioned Pinned Mesh, Structural Rock Dowels, Rock Catch Fences, Sprayed Fibrecrete and Devegetation.

The Scope of Work was so large delivery was split into two construction stages over 2016 and 2017.

Services provided by WCC Engineers included:

  • Landslide Hazard Mapping and Rock Defect Scanline Mapping;
  • Kinematic Analysis;
  • Analysis and Design using specialised Rock Mechanic Software;
  • Development of Remediation Treatment Plates for Construction;
  • Construction Cost Estimates, Tender Documents including Specifications and Contracts; and
  • Geotechnical Construction Supervision and Inspections for Stage 1 Works.