Our Services

Below is a general list of our professional services, please give us a call to discuss your project in more detail and how we may help.

1. Site Investigations:

  • Engineering Boreholes and Test Pits including Diamond Coring;
  • Borehole and Test Pit field logging and database entry;
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing;
  • Laboratory sample collection;
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells and inclinometer casing;
  • Piezometer and inclinometer monitoring;
  • Landslide Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment;
  • Pavement Condition Mapping;
  • Rock Defect Mapping including Scanline Mapping;
  • Pavement Investigations inc. Benkelman beam etc.; and
  • UAV inspection and Photogrammetry.

2. Reporting:

  • Factual Reports;
  • Slope Stability Assessments;
  • Options assessment and preliminary costing;
  • Detailed Analysis and Design; and
  • Detailed Construction Cost Estimates.

3. Ground Engineering Analysis and Design:

  • Deep foundations;
  • Complex retaining structures;
  • Soil Nails;
  • Cantilever retaining walls;
  • Rock Bolts;
  • Tensioned Mesh;
  • Soil Mechanics;
  • Rock Mechanics;
  • Rock and Soil Landslide Hazard mitigation measures; and
  • Drafting – Construction Drawing Sets.

4. Pavements Analysis and Design:

  • Flexible pavements including Granular and Deep lift AC inc. hybrids;
  • Rigid concrete pavements for freeway and industrial use;
  • Greenfields Pavement design;
  • Pavement rehabilitation design;
  • Pavement options assessment; and
  • Drafting – Construction drawing sets.

5. Construction:

  • Detailed Schedule of Rates construction cost estimates;
  • Tender Documents including Contracts and Specifications;
  • Tendering including Tender Assessment; and
  • Principal Appointed Person and Contract Administration.